Big Love, Small Budget: Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to drain your account. There are more meaningful ways to say, “I love you!” than spending a ton of money on a stuffed animal that will soon be relegated to the junk closet. Here are our three favorite ideas:

Complete An Act Of Service

Is there a chore your special someone hates doing, or a project that has been on his or her to-do list forever? Washing the car may not seem romantic at first glance, but these unexpected gestures can garner just as much appreciation as–if not more than–a beautiful bouquet!

Put It On Paper

Pen a hand-written note to the one you love letting them know why they are so special to you. Record your favorite memories, inside jokes and stories. There is not a greeting card in the world that says, “I love you!” like you can.

Lots O’ Love

Add extra heart to your letter by mailing your pre-addressed and stamped love letter to Loveland, Colorado. The Postmaster will postmark the letter for extra festivity and mail it to your Valentine. The festive address:

Valentine Re-Mailing
446 E. 29th Street
Loveland, CO 80538

Do Something Your Partner Enjoys

Not a fan of rom-com or super-hero movies? Maybe on Valentine’s Day you are a fan…if your Valentine is! Find a hobby or interest your special someone enjoys —like hiking or cooking— and take the time to do it together. It won’t just be a great Valentine’s Day gift; you’ll create memories for a lifetime!