Fee Schedule


How to save on service charges and fees:
  • Use your Jefferson Personal Branch — It’s Me 247 Mobile and Online Banking with EasyPay bill payment service to manage our accounts. 
  • Use Jefferson Mobile App to manage your accounts. (FREE Download from the App Store/Google Play Store).
  • Use your iPad, iPhone, or Android and your Visa Debit Card to send money Pocket-to-Pocket (P2P) from your Jefferson checking account to another person’s checking account.
  • Beginning on October 15, 2014, you can use Mobile Deposit to send deposits through your iPad, iPhone, or Android to your Jefferson checking account.
  • Enroll in online statements to have your account statements downloaded to your Jefferson Personal Branch — It’s Me 247.
  • Use TXT Banking
  • Use Automated Telephone Banking (CU*Talk). Toll-free 1-855-241-4761.
Share Savings Account Withdrawal Fee
Charge after six free withdrawals per month. Add a $2.00 mail fee for check mailed to address on record.
Cash Manager Monthly Service Charge $5.00

Monthly Maintenance Fee
Charge for some types of savings accounts if the balance is less than $25.00 on the last business day of the month.
The fee does not apply to Share accounts.

Classic Checking Monthly Maintenance Fee
Charge is waived for members over age 65
Investment Account Monthly Maintenance Fee
Charge for Priority 1 Investment account (formerly Money Market/Easy Access) if the account balance is less than $2,500.00 on the last business day of the month.
Mail Service Statement Fee 
Charge is waived for members age 65 and older and waived for members age 18 and younger
Overdraft Transfer Fee
Automatic transfer of funds from a line-of-credit loan or savings account to checking to avoid a non-sufficient funds (NSF)/overdraft fee.
Funds Transfer Fee or Balance Inquiry Fee
Charge for Jefferson Extension Center-assisted account-to-account transfer. Branches no longer offer.
Wire Transfer Fee
Charge for outbound/inbound domestic wire transfers. The fee for outbound/inbound International wire transfers is $30.00.
Overdraft/Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fee
Per item paid or returned.
Stop Payment Order
The Credit Union waives this fee for one stop-payment order per year or with a signed fraud affidavit.
Teller/Cashier’s Check $5.00
Money Order $2.00
Statement/Account History Report
Add $2.00 mail fee for statement/report mailed to address on record.
Research/Reconcile Account Fee
Charge to research a single item posted is $5.00. The charge for multiple items is $25.00 per hour, one-hour minimum charge, plus Document Fee.
Document Fee
Charge for a document with up to three (3) pages; the fee for additional pages is $1.00 per page.
Check Cashing Fee
Charge to cash a Tax Refund Check. The payee must have an active Jefferson checking account or pay an additional $5.00 fee. Check cashing service is for Jefferson members only.
Account Dispute Fee
There is no charge for a dispute claim. Refer to the disclosure on your account statement for proper procedure for filing a claim.
No Fee
Fraud Claim Fee
There is no charge to file a valid fraud claim. The claim must include a police report and a signed statement of fraud.
No Fee
Pocket-2-Pocket (P2P) Transfer Fee $1.50
Shared Branch / CU Service Center Convenience Fee No Fee
Visa Gift Card Fee (maximum $500 per card) $3.00
Debit/Credit/ATM Card Replacement Fee
Fee is waived for damaged cards returned to the Credit Union, or if a fraud affidavit is filed with the Credit Union.
ATM Withdrawal/Inquiry Fee
For ATMs not on Jefferson Credit Union’s networks. Ask about JCUs’ ATM fee refund policy
Returned Statement Fee
For each returned statement and no Change of Address form on file.
Dormant Account Fee
Charged monthly after 24 months of inactivity (no deposits or withdrawals) by member.
Account Closing/Reopening Fee
Charge to close a new account if open less than 90 days, or to reopen an account that has been closed less than 90 days.
Garnishments, Levies, Court Order $125.00
Check Orders
Cost varies by style and quantity. Rebate offers are available on basic checks for members over age 50 with direct deposit and in good standing.
Counter Checks (sheet of 4) $2.00
Jefferson Credit Union reserves the right to change terms, conditions, and/or pricing of our products upon reasonable prior notification.
The charges and fees in this schedule cover deposit accounts and some loan fees. The Credit Union appropriately discloses other fees with application or request for the product or service.