Home Loans


If you haven’t done it before, you’ve probably heard getting a mortgage can be a real challenging process. If you have done it before, you know this is true. At Jefferson Credit Union, we’ve gone the extra mile to make getting a home loan as easy as we possibly can. For starters, you apply online to get pre-qualified. Then, we’ll work closely with you, walking you through all the steps until you sign the papers and start loading boxes. That’s our promise to you.

What’s more, don’t forget you’re not a customer; you’re a member. One of the benefits of being a credit union member is lower rates and fees (because we’re not-for-profit). Not only will you get the hands-on help you need from friendly, local folks, you’ll save on what will probably be one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make.

Home Equity Lending

Utilizing the equity you have in your home can be one of the smartest and most affordable ways to borrow money. Jefferson Credit Union can help you analyze your equity situation, determine whether a loan or line of credit would be best for you, and get you the best possible rate and terms.

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