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Requirements for Joining Jefferson

To join Jefferson Credit Union and enjoy the benefits of membership, there are some requirements that you must fulfill:

  • You must live or work in the Alabama counties of Jefferson, Shelby, Bibb, Tuscaloosa, Walker, Blount or St. Clair.
    This is called our “ field of membership.” Also, if you were a member of the credit union in the past and caused a financial loss, you are not eligible for membership.
  • You must have two forms of identification: a primary ID and a secondary ID.
    The primary ID must be state- or federally-issued and must be one of the following: a driver’s license, non-driver’s ID, U.S. military ID, or a U.S. Passport. The secondary ID can be a social security card, debit or credit card from a U.S. financial institution, tax return, utility bill, or other official documentation with your name on it. If neither your primary ID nor your secondary ID shows an address in one of the above-mentioned counties, you must provide some other proof of your eligibility.
  • You must fill out and sign an application either online or in person at any of our three locations.
    If you fill out an application online, you will still be required to come in to a location to present your identification and verify the information you submitted.

When you come in to one of our locations, you will need to bring with you a minimum of $5 so that we can open a “share account” for you, which makes you a member and owner of the credit union, and able to make use of our other products and services, such as checking accounts, loans, credit cards, etc.

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Shared Branch Locations

You can handle routine transactions such as deposits, cash withdrawals, or loan payments on your account at more than 4,000 shared credit union branches all over the U.S. and internationally. In fact, there are 28 locations right here in Jefferson County! To find a Shared Branch location near you, visit or call 888-SITE-CO-OP (888-748-3266).

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