What is the routing number for JCU?

What are the wiring instructions for sending money to my account at JCU?
Our wiring instructions are as follows:
Corporate America Credit Union – 262090120

For further credit:
Jefferson Credit Union – 262083959

For final credit: Please provide member’s name and account number

May I sign paperwork pertaining to my JCU account at a Shared Branch?
Shared Branch outlets are limited to making deposits, making withdrawals and making loan payments. Any additional transaction would need the assistance of a JCU representative.

Can I make a loan payment using my debit card from another institution?
You can pay with a debit card* at our new online payment portal. Your payment will be credited the same business day, and you will be charged a small convenience fee.

JCU loan payments made through JCU Online Banking Portal will be credited immediately. JCU loan payments made through the Loan Payment Portal by 4:00 p.m. CST will be credited on the day the payment is made. Payments made through the Loan Payment Portal will incur a small fee.

*Members incur a fee of $4.95 in addition to their loan payment when using a debit card.

Where are the shared branch locations?
To find a shared branch nearest where you live, work or travel, visit www.co-opsharedbranch.org or call 888.748.3266.

Other than Jefferson Credit Union ATMs, where are the surcharge-free ATMs?
JCU members can make surcharge-free ATM withdrawals through the Presto! Network of ATMs located at Publix® supermarkets. 
For more information re: Presto! Network of Publix ATMs, visit  http://www.publix.com/presto

What is the phone number for CU*Talk, the JCU automated online telephone banking system?
Call us anytime, toll-free at 855-241-4761.