Budget-Savvy Tailgating Tips
Score Big Wins

Tailgating, a favorite American pastime, can run up the cost of a fall football gathering faster than points on a scoreboard. Execute these tips for major savings when you huddle to cheer your team:

Winning Plays: Caring Is Sharing

Create a game plan with your guests for all the essentials. Think beyond food: draft friends to help with everything from folding chairs and tables to utensils and equipment. Ask friends helping with edibles to bring a salty or sweet item to ensure variety. 

Team Transport

Stadium parking is usually a logistical pain; it can also be expensive. Have your group park farther away from the stadium, where it’s often free. Guests can walk, ride-share, or take a bus or game-day shuttle to the tailgate site.

Think Reusable, Not Disposable

Though plastic or paper dishes and utensils offer convenience, their expense rolls up to a hefty tab over the course of a season. Substitute reusable platters and utensils for major savings.

Pro Tip: Pack used dishes in a large plastic tub for the ride home.