Contact Our CEO

One of the great things about belonging to a credit union is that, unlike banks, our CEO answers to our members – not a handful of stockholders.  Your experience banking with us matters, because technically, as a member, you kind of own the place!

That’s why our CEO wants to give all of our members direct access to contact him whenever you have a compliment, complaint or constructive criticism.  We believe there is always room for improvement and we are making it our mission to provide better service, better products and a better experience for our members every day.

We have three ways you can reach our CEO, Richard Morris.  You can contact him via telephone at his direct office line at 205.444.4377.  That’s right, his direct number. No secretary screening calls. No tricky menus requiring extensions. Just a direct call to the big man himself!

The second way to contact him is via email at 

The third way is to fill our the form below, which also goes directly to his email via our website. You can leave a message, or request that he contacts you via email or phone.

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