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    This Addendum amends your Loan and Security Agreements and Disclosure Statement regarding your loan payment. By signing below you request that Jefferson CU extend the due date of your regular payment(s) by one month, for the month indicated on front. You agree to pay a skip-payment processing fee of $35 per loan. If there are not sufficient funds in your account to cover the fee, the processing fee will not be deducted, and the payment(s) will be due on your loan(s) in accordance with your disclosure statement and agreement. You understand that interest will continue to accrue on your entire loan balance, including the amount of the skipped payment, and that skipping this payment means it will take longer to pay off your loan. Your monthly payment will be due at the next billing cycle. JCU reserves the right to refuse to honor this request if all terms of the disclosure statement and agreement have not been met at the time this addendum is presented. All loan payments and accounts must be current and in good standing to qualify. All other payment terms of your Loan Disclosure Statement and Agreement will remain in full force and effect. Offer excludes real estate secured loans, Visa® credit card accounts, lines of credit, Fresh Start Loans, Smart Restart Loans and Holiday Loans. Other restrictions apply. See a loan officer for details.

    Payroll deduction will not be interrupted. The funds that normally would have been deducted from your payroll for your loan payment will be deposited to your share account.

    Once a payment has been made, no request to reverse that payment will be honored.

    If currently participating in JCU online loan payment service, you must assume responsibility for suspending your participation in electronic online loan payment service for the duration of the period in which loan payment(s) are to be skipped.

    As well, it shall be your responsibility to reinstate enrollment in the JCU online loan payment service at the conclusion of your participation in the Skip-A-Payment promotion.

    I have read and accept the terms and agreements above