Back-To-School Savings Tips

Surveys project an average family will spend about $510.00 on back-to-school items this year.  Don’t worry!  We’re ready to “school” you in a few of our favorite strategies and tips to put more money back in your wallet.

Do A Supply Sweep

Before hitting the stores, be sure to check around your home for items you might already have.  You may discover you own perfectly good scissors and rulers from years past.  Final cost: free.

Shop For Big Items Secondhand

From music to sports, outfitting your child for their favorite activity can be expensive.  When it comes to sports equipment, check Craigslist and consignment shops like Play It Again Sports.  If your child is starting music lessons, consider renting an instrument until you determine they will enjoy playing long term.

Wait For It

Allowing your children to spend half of their fall clothing budget in August and the other half in September is not just a good exercise in delayed gratification; it’s also a smart budgeting move.  Retailers typically slash prices in September once the back-to-school rush is over.

Involve The Kids

Decorative school supplies are not only tempting to purchase, they are also expensive.  Make a game out of saving on supplies by motivating your children to make economical choices.  Offer to treat them to ice cream if they are able to help you choose supplies within your budget.