Summer Road Trip Saving Tips

Summer is coming to a close, but there’s still time for one last road trip! Follow our suggestions to stay within your budget, wherever the journey takes you.

Travel Light

It’s tempting to over-pack when traveling by car. Bringing only the essentials pays off. An excess of 100 pounds in the trunk of your car cuts fuel economy by one to two percent.

Stock Up On Snacks

Planning ahead and bringing along a stash of your favorite travel-friendly treats usually result in major savings. Items purchased in convenience stores are often marked up much higher than at local grocery stores

Use Mobile Apps To Save On Gas and Hotels

Apps like GasBuddy help calculate fuel costs and compare prices at nearby gas stations. JCU members with a car financed through the credit union can save big using their myEZCarCare membership for discounts on hotels, restaurants and other vacation activities.