Eat Healthy on a Budget:
Here’s How

Think eating healthy means hefty grocery bills? Follow our lead and you can eat clean without wrecking your budget.

Clip Coupons

Taking a few minutes to check out online coupons can add up to big savings on your next grocery trip. Visit  The Krazy Coupon Lady for a beginner’s tutorial.

Buy Whole Foods

Unprocessed foods are better for you and are usually less costly.

Tip: The perimeter of the supermarket—think Produce, Dairy and Meat areas—are home to most whole food items.

Shop In Season

You’ll pay more for fruits and veggies if they’re out of season. Food producers and grocers pass along increased production costs to shoppers when supply is at a premium and production of healthy choices is more difficult.   That’s when production of these healthy choices is most difficult. Besides, your favorite fruits and veggies grown in season not only taste better; they cost less, too!

Don’t Be Afraid Of Discounted Protein

You’ve probably pondered this question: Why is the price of that sirloin steak drastically reduced? Grocery stores often discount meat products as they approach an expiration date. If the item has not yet expired, you can store it in your freezer for up to six months.

Meal Prep

Planning and preparing meals ahead of time will help you corral portion size and your budget. Take the easy route of putting a meal together by washing and slicing veggies and preparing other meal items ahead of time. You may find renewed motivation to dine at home!