Shop Smart In March

Looking for a deal this month? We’ve rounded up a list of the best items to buy in the month of March.


With Valentine’s Day behind us, March is a great time to stock up on holiday-themed sweets. You’ll find discounts up to 50% off already discounted clearance items. Don’t worry. Chocolate won’t expire for a while. The only things out of date are the pink and red foil wrappers.

Frozen Foods

March is National Frozen Food Month. Keep an eye out for discounts and coupons from major frozen food brand–like Dole, Green Giant and Jimmy Dean–at your local grocery store.

Gift Cards

With the holiday season officially at a close, many people sell holiday gift cards they received, but don’t want to use. Check out sites like and, where you can purchase unused cards for up to 75% off!

Cold-Weather Clothing

Retailers deeply discount many winter items in March as they make way for spring stock. Inventory, sizes and color options may be limited. If you enjoy the hunt, you can find incredible deals!