Hot Buys In July

The weather isn’t the only thing heating up this month. We’ve rounded up some hot deals you won’t want to miss.

House Paint

You’ll find major paint markdowns this month. From “buy one, get one” specials to 40% off sales, if you’ve been thinking about trying a new color, now is the time. Ready for more great news? Your unopened paint will last up to ten years.


Enjoy fresh veggies and fruits at the very best prices this month. Why? Summertime is high season for a variety of produce.

Tip: When you find a great deal on produce you love—like peppers or green beans—wash, chop and freeze them. Enjoy the savings for months to come.


Besides jeans and winter coats, you can enjoy deep discounts on suits this month. Many stores want to move heavy clothing items off their racks now, which means you can update your professional wardrobe for less.