Spring Clean Your Finances

Spring is here. Take some time to clean up your finances with these helpful tips.

Digitalize Your Documents

Instead of letting paperwork build and clutter your closets, office and home, try scanning and filing important papers electronically on your computer. Digital copies consume less space, and are easy to locate if saved properly.

Go Green

Check your credit union, utility and other accounts for an e-statement option. E-statements can be saved easily to your computer without a scanner, plus they’re good for the planet.

Create A Home Inventory

A home inventory of all your possessions will make it much easier to replace personal items in case of a disaster. Consider photographing your home and valuable items. Record the approximate amount you paid for items. Start saving sales receipts of new items you purchase for use in your home.

Protect Your Identity

Each year over 10 million people are victims of identity theft in the United States. Statistics show the odds of becoming a victim of identity theft are greater than having a heart attack or being involved in a car accident. Jefferson Credit Union Member Security Center provides you with identity theft protection and restoration for less than $2.00 per month, in the event that you become a victim.